Tomás Casademunt

Tomás Casademunt: Mitla
by Tomás Casademunt
Publisher's Description
This book of photographs, the first to appear in English by Tomas Casademunt-author of Son de Cuba and Fabrica de Santos-looks at the famous Zapotec ruins near the Mexican city of Oaxaca. After a period of patient field work, Casademunt chose 13 nocturnal views without concession to the idyllic or the picturesque-and produced 13 impeccably framed images that depict an archetypal landscape whose emblematic nature was transfigured by a vision that sought to penetrate their timeless mysteries in stone and sign. The edition is limited to 1000 copies, 100 of which include an original print signed by the photographer. Both are prefaced by a series of fragments by nineteenth- and twentieth-century archaeologists and travelers. Meticulously printed and produced, this volume will appeal to connoisseurs of architecture, anthropology and photography alike.
ISBN: 968520862X
Publisher: Editorial RM
Hardcover : 52 pages
Language: English
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