Jill Hartley

Loteria fotografica mexicana/ Photographic Mexican Lottery (Spanish Edition)
by Jill Hartley
Publisher's Description
Lottery has quite an ancient history; the texts of this small book tell us about it, how to play it and other entertaining games of chance. And, as in the typical lotteries of days gone by, this one is called by reading a traditional saying, proverb or legend printed on the reverse which reflects the idiosyncrasy of Mexico, artistically captured by the lens of Jill Hartley. Over almost ten years, she made several trips to Mexico, in order to understand and photograph its daily universe: its landscapes, people, customs... This is why, A Lottery of Mexican Photographs is not only a game, but also a lesson in ethnography and art.

This version includes the book plus 10 boards and 54 cards to play.
ISBN: 968948205X
Publisher: Independent Pub Group
Paperback : 162 pages
Language: Spanish
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