Zhu Yan

798: A Photographic Journal By Zhu Yan
by Zhu Yan
Publisher's Description
Presented here are the black and white photographs of photographer Zhu Yan, who used an 8 x 10 format camera to document the spaces and the people-artists in their studios, designers, gallery owners, restaurant and bar owners, workers, and staff-of Factory 798. These are the new 'workers' who have created the somewhat controversial SOHO-like community of contemporary art and culture inside Beijing. Together with acerbic texts by art critic Yin Jinan and photography critic Li Jiangshu, the book is more than just a photographic journal by one of China’s top photographers. It is also an essential document of a place in time in a city struggling to find its modern identity and to place itself firmly on the global contemporary art map. Visually documented through numerous images, is the birth and development of first SOHO-like art district in China. Complimenting these enlightening visuals are strong essays on contemporary culture amid China's rapid commercialization.
ISBN: 9889726270
Publisher: Timezone 8
Hardcover : 184 pages
Language: English
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