Cream 09: Maison Martin Margiela (No. 9)
by various
Publisher's Description
Cream has delved into Maison Martin Margeila's archive to help celebrate their 20th anniversary, a fertile and productive period which it calls ‘a ‘quick' moment of passion, creativity, tenacity and freedom'. Packaged in a solid pure white box, this book is a must for collectors and fans alike. Embossed with the MMM trademark label, the production features both women's and men's fashion and accessory highlights and interviews spread across the pages, whose edges have been treated with white powder. A visual diary of the past and a compelling testimony to the ideas and creativity of this much admired fashion house. 267 pages have left blank for book design purposes, ready to be filled in by the purchaser .
ISBN: 9889918749
Publisher: Cream
Hardcover : 912 pages
Language: English
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