by Jackie Nickerson
Publisher's Description
Nickerson's work is refreshing and substantial for a variety of reasons. For one, her color prints vacillate between rich hues and a bleached tonality. All of the work is printed in color but some images have been printed almost monochromatically, allowing this or that single muted color to barely present itself. The intentional austere effect is akin to the washed-out appearance things acquire under the burning midday sun of the African farmlands where she photographs. Machinery is virtually non-existent in these agricultural communities and Nickerson's work focuses on the people, clothing and inventiveness that is cultivated through poverty. Her work gracefully straddles the line between document and testament--think sharecroppers by Walker Evans--and for that reason alone her work is worthy of attention.
ISBN: 0224062689
Publisher: Random House UK
Hardcover : 144 pages
Language: English
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