Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams and the American Landscape: A Biography
by Jonathan Spaulding
Publisher's Description
In spite of his reputation as one of the great American masters, little has been said about the life of Ansel Adams. Jonathan Spaulding provides a personal and critical look into the issues Adams dealt with in his life and work. Refuting the myth that Adams was a solitary and carefree mountain man, Spaulding portrays an artist who took his work very seriously, and struggled with the question of how nature and art are balanced in the modern world. The very fact that Adams' photographs are at once beautiful visions of nature and removed from real experience signifies only one of the contradictions Adams faced. The book is a fascinating investigation of the changing role of nature for the inhabitants of the modern world, and a testament to the life of one whose vision of it persists.
ISBN: 0520089928
Publisher: University of California Press
Hardcover : 533 pages
Language: English
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