Besuch bei Detlef Kraft
by Werner Mansholt

with a text of Celina Lunsford: (...)"On his visits to the studio of painter and sculptor Detlef Kraft, Werner Mansholt discovered a workplace and where the heart of the process lies. This book of photographs gives insight to Kraft’s world like no other before it. The visual essay leads us through a dialog and not a one-man show of Kraft’s work or himself. As a self-chosen journey Mansholt’s images are bred by intrigue, respect and inspiration. It is not only the studio space, which drew his curiosity but the desire to examine his friendship with the artist. The series evolves into an investigation of the person, the place and extended frames of time that have influenced Kraft and his artwork" (...)

ISBN: 3-89552-117-5
Publisher: Werner Mansholt
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