Julia Borissova

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The Farther Shore
by Julia Borissova
The book “The Farther Shore” is about how the history of the past and present endowed with memory intertwines in today's space. The pictures for this book were taken on the Volga River where in the 1930s a hydrosystem was built. The area of about 4600 sq.km was flooded and as a result 800 villages and towns, 3 cities, 5 monasteries, hundreds of churches and old cemeteries went under water. One of the main issues which became starting point for the creation of this book is why during the evacuation of flooded land some people preferred to stay in their homes and die but not to leave their native places?

I was interested in what is left unsaid and unseen. I wanted to show and to give an opportunity to feel that these people and places are our history and that one day this story could disappear forever.

Limited-edition art book. 155x220mm. 152 pages. Print Edition of 100, signed and hand numbered. Selfpublished in 2013. If interested contact me: [email protected]
Publisher: Selfpublished
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