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Teenage Pre-occupation
by David Stewart
Teenage Pre-occupation is a document of teenagers and their preoccupations at this time (2013). It is essentially a British point of view as the observations are from my everyday life. Different tribes of teens were photographed covering subjects ranging from fashion to food, technology to socialising. They all posed in their own clothes, but ultimately they have been chosen to be photographed because they fit into the subject matter i am dealing with in this project. They appear insecure, looking for something to follow or not, to fit in or not, weighed down by technology, antisocial networkers, obsessed with what other people are doing. I am presenting my observations of certain aspects of Teenage life from the outside. The teenagers in the pictures think they are just getting on with there normal lives, but when photographed certain things become more visible. Sometimes it may come across as quite dark, but there is an underlying British humour to the images found in the details. There is little that is gratuitous about the images and the deadpan nature of the expressions of the sitters allows the viewer to have their own interpretation of the image.
ISBN: 9780956532442
Publisher: Browns Editions

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