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by Jens Nagels
Unplanned and quietly feel Jens Nagels on his motives. In the teeming traffic chaos as well as in the night waiting areas. Precious artifacts are obvious: touching, reverent and beautiful they remain stronger in memory than any staged backdrop. Calmly and with "silent equanimity" he creates a mixture of time, liveliness and transience. People, things, animals, and culture will be presented by him in photographic cocoons: telling stories in the smallest format. A sleeping man in the car or monks and girls who seem to float past each other. Again, the Outlying - one fan before fluttering curtain or a collection of spoons that are involuntarily to the center. This particular atmosphere conserved nail and leaves a clue what that means floating for him. He calls it "give attention to the people, their habits and the vitality of a culture."
ISBN: 978-3-86678-667-7
Publisher: Kerber Verlag
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