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Half Life: a portrait of Lauren
by Jay Muhlin
Half-Life: a portrait of Lauren Half-life focuses on the life and suicide of a close friend and my relationship with her. The book project is comprised of photographs and collected writings that Lauren and I shared throughout the six years we knew each other, and photographs and documents created now, after. Having been confronted by a haunting absence, I want to make evidence of her with my photographs. It is a challenging process to try to document something that is no longer here. I intend it as an investigation of loss and a look into the liminal space between deterioration and permanence, memory and photography. My process of examination is slow and reflective; my understanding of Lauren and the loss is achieved in part by visiting and revisiting sites that became markers of our relationship, influenced by the passage of time.
ISBN: 0-89822-125-0
Publisher: Self Published
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