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Long Live Dale farm
by Julia Johnson
Around 86 families resided at Dale Farm but in spite of prolonged efforts by them to obtain planning permission, they were evicted by the local council in October 2011. Throughout the process, Julia continued to visit and document the community. She documented ‘zero eviction day' and 'camp constance', a base which was set up for the supporters of Dale Farm who attempted in vain to resist the eviction.

Throughout the process and her documentation, Julia paid particular attention to the children of Dale Farm and the way in which the eviction impacted on their well being. Julia was moved by their plight and frustrated by the media's negative representation of travellers. Since then, she has initiated a project for traveller youths with support and funding from Ormiston Children and Families Trust. 'Life Through A Lens' taught these youths how to challenge the media and document their lives and families through the medium of photography.
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