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Heartbeat Iran
by Gabrielle Schleijpen
This book is primarily a pictorial essay, the tangible result of an excursion to Iran. Most of the contributors are by visual artists and professional observers. It shows a selection of the 16,000 images they brought back, the widest spectrum of ways of seeing. Most pictures were taken instantaneously, capriciously almost, because of the pace of traveling. This collection does not show Iran, it shows how a group of artists viewed Iran. Texts by Karim Benammar, Paul Tames van den Berg, Cornel Bierens,Tori Egherman, Hanne Hagenaars, Petran Kockelkoren, and Richtje Reinsma.
ISBN: 978-90-9024508-9
Publisher: Gerrit Rielveld Academie