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White Monks: A Life in Shadows
by Francesca Phillips
White Monks: A Life in Shadows offers an intimate glimpse into an ancient way of life that is slowly disappearing, a testament to lives devoted to spiritual service, in extraordinary counterpoint to the modern world.

The Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, more commonly known as the Trappists, is a Roman Catholic contemplative enclosed order of monks and nuns, that evolved from a succession of reforms to return to the true spirit of the Benedictines. Living in solitude, in an atmosphere of silence, they have chosen a life of private contemplation very rarely seen by others.

Made over a period of three years, this collection of photographs gives us a sense of the mystique of monastic life, the enigmatic otherness of monks.

Photographed in three monasteries in Spain: Monasterio de La Oliva in Navarra, Monasterio de San Pedro de Cardeña in Burgos, and Abadia San Isidro de Dueñas in Palencia.

White Monks: A Life in Shadows has been produced in a special limited edition of 50. Purchase includes a choice of one of two 9¨ x 9¨ silver gelatin prints.

Publisher: Francesca Phillips

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