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Themeless Parks
by Dustin Shum
The media is falling over itself to portray the economic development of Chinese cities; however Dustin Shum’s latest work 'Themeless Park' follows a different path. Dustin’s choice of subject matter wasn’t the workers of southern China, or residents who refuse to be relocated, or the disappearing Hutongs of Beijing, or the proud 'Birds Nest' and 'Water Cube' Olympic buildings. Or, rather, his work focuses on the parks of southern China as his grand scenes, revealing how the spirit of travelers at leisure and the strange things inside the parks reflect each other. The book portrays a strangely surreal atmosphere of park spaces in the southern China, in the time of the passage of consumerism and capitalism.
ISBN: 978-988-98014-0-3
Publisher: Hulu Concept 2008

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