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by Eliot Dudik
Road Ends in Water 2010 Change is descending upon an otherwise quiet, unhurried, unobtrusive, place. The main highway, U.S Route 17, that bisects South Carolina's "lowcountry," north to south, is being widened to accommodate commerce, tourists, and urban refugees. Not only are many homes, some historic, disappearing before the tracked blades of expansion, but also the new, faster thoroughfare encourages greater disregard and obliviousness to the charm and culture the basin harbors. This collection of images and thoughts is a tribute to, and an acknowledgment of, the respect the modest souls of this region, obscure from the mainstream, deserve for their tenacity, good humor, social commitment, and acceptance of the ebb and flow of the often incomprehensible vagaries of existence. A photographic adventure became an artistic journey and culminated in a unique awakening to an otherwise overlooked cultural phenomenon. While the road ends in water, it began there as well. This photography book is a 96 page, full color, perfect-bound monograph, published in 2010 by SAGA Publishing and printed by Oddi Printing in Iceland. This first printing is an edition of 1000 books, each individually numbered and signed. The book includes a foreword by the artist, an essay by E. Moore Quinn, Ph.D., and poetry by Brianna Stello, Roger Dudik, and Jerri Chaplin. It is available for purchase through Paypal for $30 plus an additional $6 for shipping anywhere in the USA. $25 is needed to ship internationally.
ISBN: 978-0615364865
Publisher: SAGA Publishing
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