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Un Chevreuil à la Fenêtre de ma Chambre
by Text by Marie-Ève Gagnon
Marie-Eve Gagnon and Marisa Portolese concoct for us a provocative work, entitled Un chevreuil à la fenêtre de ma chambre, around – and through all the twists and turns – of female desire. The artist’s subversive portraits reveal women who fully assume their femininity, their sexuality, and their right to desire and to be desired in attitudes that range from the defiant to the lewd. With her usual biting style, Marie-Eve Gagnon presents Soledad, a young woman whose love-life is full of tribulations and adventures, torn between the instinct for life and the death wish. In order to survive her life, and in the end abandon herself to life, Soledad has to accept that death is always latent and possible.
ISBN: 978-2-922135-19-0
Publisher: Dazibao Publications
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