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The Fourth Wall
by Max Pinckers
Photo-eye Book of the Week: A Pick by Martin Parr: "The sleeper book of the year is Max Pinckers' The Fourth Wall by this emerging young Belgian photographer. It is a very nice production, and this self-published book, on a charmingly cheap newsprint examines the idea of the Indian film world and the escapism of this, alongside a very good set of contemporary images. These two ideas are woven together with great skill and the book just seems to work very well." - Martin Parr, July 2013.

Photo-eye's best books of 2013 by Cristina De Middel: "Documenting a fiction factory sounds interesting from the beginning but if you do it playing the game yourself it becomes for me the best book of this year. Very simple, modest and extremely well edited, the sequence drives you in and out of reality with beautiful images and a very smart use of the potential I personally see in photography. Max Pinckers nailed it in India." - Cristina De Middel, December 2013.

Photo-eye's best books of 2013 by John Gossage: "What a strange and unexpected book. Everything about it seems perfect." - John Gossage, December 2013.

A Stamp of Approval by Dirk Braeckman for The Word Magazine: "What strikes me most in Max’s work is that he developed a new approach, something I haven’t seen before. He works within a documentary context yet leans towards staged photography, always expressing a form of theatricality. This grey area in between is where Max’s images find themselves." - Dirk Braeckman, June 2012.

Softcover with flaps 195 x 273 mm 192 pages Offset on 45g newspaper Full color Glued Edition of 1000
ISBN: 9789081971508
Publisher: Max Pinckers

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