Stieglitz and the Photo-Secession, 1902
by Catherine Johnson
Publisher's Description
1902 was witness to the first American movement, under the guidance of Alfred Stieglitz, to champion 'pictorial' photography--photography that took as its goal a deep emotional response rather than merely a record of an event. "The point is, what you have to say and how to say it. The originality of a work of art refers to the originality of the thing expressed and the way it is expressed, whether it be in poetry, photography, or painting."--Stieglitz. To celebrate the centenary of the landmark Photo-Secession exhibition of 1902 at New York's National Arts Club, Professor William Innes Homer and author Catherine Johnson have undertaken to reassemble, as best as possible, the pieces exhibited at that show. The roster of photographers is fantastic and it's hard to imagine that at the time not a single artist exhibited had been collected by a major museum.
ISBN: 0670030384
Publisher: Studio
Hardcover : 144 pages
Language: English
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