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by Kurt Hoerbst
Straight lines, precisely measured cells on the left and right, gates lining the way to death: the bunker in the concentration camps of Dachau. Even before the planned death, everything had to be in order. Soldierly precision. In his book "Überlebt", Kurt Hörbst reports on the concentration camps in Germany and Austria and tells the stories of some survivors. Auschwitz to Sachsenhausen, a dozen places. Mauthausen included. From 1996 Hörbst tried to come closer to the relics. He spent years on the road to accomplish this oppressive research. No image-thriller. Hörbst leaves atmospheric feel in the photos with more melancholy than condemnation. No speculation on the horror. (OÖ Nachrichten Kultur)
ISBN: 3 855252 255 2
Publisher: Bibliothek der Provinz

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