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by Kurt Hoerbst
Photographer and father-to-be Kurt Hörbst used his large-format camera to follow his wife at close range during her pregnancy. The reportage-like photographs taken in different locations seem strange given the slow pace of the medium, depicting an almost filmic sequence that addresses issues such as loneliness, uncertainty and joyful anticipation, unrest and calm, curiosity, anxiety and pride. In a flurry of colour snapshots towards the end of the book, 5070 resolves itself as the new-born baby’s weight.

Kurt Hoerbst, *1972 in Apfoltern, Austria. Lives and works in Upper Austria.

Kurt Hoerbst 5070

texts by Alexandra Grill, Kurt Hörbst German English graphic design: 2013, hardcover 24 x 30 cm, 72 pages 28 bw + 1 colour plates edition: 350 € 25 ISBN 978-3-902675-91-0
ISBN: 978-3-902675-91-0
Publisher: FOTOHOF edition
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