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L'Usure du Monde
by Frédéric Lecloux, Christian Caujolle, Eliane Bouvier
In 1953, Swiss writer/traveller Nicolas Bouvier left Geneva in a Fiat Topolino with a typewriter and the intention to go to India. His trip lasted four years and finished in Japan. The only luxury he had was his little car that took him where he wanted to go, and a slow- ness that he transformed into art. The first 17 months of the trip took him as far as the Khyber pass, on the Paki- stan/Afghan border. Here he decided to complete Usage du monde (The Way of the World), the story of this drift that became a cult book through- out the world.
ISBN: 978-2-916073-33-0
Publisher: Le Bec en l'air
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