by Robert Hutinski
Robert Hutinski milks the ethereal substance of memories from the raw material of half-torn images found in his town’s archives, crafting a tale of remembrance and disappearence.

Priests, doctors, soldiers, tavern regulars, sleeping beauties inhabit a map which key is lost forever once the caption accompanying them is gone. Atavism traces the contours of a map of collective memory, where the actors gradually disappear leaving no trace behind but the places they used to live in.

A lyric exploration of human consciousness where the faulty path from recollection to memory takes place, an arbitrary and contingent process which transform experience into history. Some moments are saved, some other drown. Recollections inescapably fade away, leaving behind a flotsam of images beyond interpretation, silent as sphynxes, drifting until the day they disappear in the whirlpool of time. Atavism has been included as one of the best photobook of 2013 by Tim Clark on A-N. Book Review on 1000 Words by David Moore. Featured on Dienacht Magazine and L’Oeil de la Photographie.
Publisher: Akina Books London
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