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Southold Township
by Alana Perino
With my photographs, I aim to explore the tensions in notions of selfhood and belonging. I highlight the uncertainty of the subject’s gaze, the ambiguity of the subject’s gesture, and the invisible yet persistent sense of boundary in the landscape. I find that the most revealing aspects of the self are those that are indefinable and unfixed. I turn to these moments of tension – almost always fleeting and fluid - to reflect upon personal and universal feelings of ambiguity of self, place, and home. Through images, I explore the relationship between people as individuals and as citizens within their landscape. I am compelled by the very human attempt to simultaneously find acceptance and freedom, privacy and openness, restraints and possibilities. As the photographer, I try to reveal the contradictions between a private self and a public self, capturing that tension in the human desire to rectify these contradictory needs. If the photograph is successful, it stirs these opposing sentiments in the viewer. Southold is an isolated town on the east end of Long Island. A rural waterfront hamlet of illustrious natural beauty, cultural isolation, and national tradition, Southold both emancipates its residents from larger American commercial changes, yet traps its residents in its American small-town narrative. The light in Southold Township is pervasive yet shifting. It transforms the entire landscape from an oppressive space to an expansive one daily. The inhabitants of the peninsula, keenly aware of the ever-present horizon, are both exposed to the ocean and isolated from the mainland. I often return to this home in search of moments of ambiguity.
Publisher: Blurb
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