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Porto Interior
by Inês d'Orey
Porto Interior depicts interiors of public and semi-public buildings in the city of Porto, Portugal. This project functions as a collection of spaces that I search and find throughout the city where I was born and where I live today. Driven by my own aesthetic curiosity, these interiors are photographed absent of any human presence. Robbed of their liveliness, these places become transitzones to a melancholic feeling for beauty. Porto Interior explores an approach that wavers between the uncanny and the unreal. Familiar places like theatres, swimmingpools or staircases become stages for a story that is never clear, but that doesn’t need to be clear. Digitally reworked until I have imbued them with the mood which I find appropriate, suffused with uncertainty and modernistic exaggeration, I find myself in situations which were once familiar to me and now seem strangely remote in the light of a traumatically constricting or expanding reality.
ISBN: 978-989-96992-3-6
Publisher: Livraria Fernando Machado

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