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How Much Can You Carry ?
by Floriane de Lassée
The series "How much can you carry ?" was born from the fascination of Floriane Tired of queues for walkers carrying loads as diverse as large along the African roads. This series is gradually extended to four continents, ten countries represented today ( Rwanda , Ethiopia, Nepal , Japan, Indonesia , Bolivia, Brazil ... ) in a sixty photographs .

Through photographs frontal framing, economy extreme way the artist portrays the holders of the 4 corners of the world. To each it proposes to take the stage with what he holds most dear , and in small communities , it is especially essential commodities ( grain bags for the farmer who has to exchange his crop to nearest straw bales, empty bottles will be sold ) town or needed for daily life objects.

Away from any misery , it is with curiosity, fun and often pride models took the pose, happy to take the stage , proud to highlight what may in many cases be similar to their only means of survival . In a second step , Floriane wanted to mention other less explicit weight as the weight of tradition , the social weight or family weight.
ISBN: 978-2-35046-314-8
Publisher: Filigranes
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