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Arles Photography Open Salon Publication 2012 ‘An Eye for an Ear’ – Hearing Nature Crated by Vanja Karas. Published October 2012 by UBYU Books.
by Arles Photography Open Salon
An Eye for an Ear

Exhibition catalogue of award winning photography from the Photography Open Salon Arles 2012 exhibition ‘An Eye For An Ear‘.

‘An Eye For An Ear’ explores photographic observations, concepts, emotions, experiences and beliefs relating to the silences and the sounds of our society and the visible and invisible that surrounds us. Changes in how we view the world as a result of the development of new communication technologies, things that we see but that others may not hear or be aware of, unspoken silences of fear and desolation, the joys of sound in laughter and music and universal pictorial expressions.

The exhibition ‘An Eye for an Ear’ was originated and curated by Vanja Karas.

Softback Catalogue: 125 pages Size: Portrait 200 x 135mm Publisher: ubyu (July 2012) Language: English
Publisher: UBYU Books.

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