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Terra Cognita Catalogue Photofestival 2012
by Noorderlicht
The 19th Noorderlicht International Photofestival Terra Cognita is a photography exhibition about the relation between man and nature. How do we experience nature, and what is its value for us?

Our romantic longing for pure nature is diametrically opposed to the practical desire to control the world and cultivate it. The catalogue of Terra Cognita looks at nature far away and close by, as a dream and as reality – nature in our genes, and in our minds.

Work by 115 photographers from 36 countries has been selected for this Festival. The photography is diverse, and flows across the limits of genres. Whether the work is documentary or staged, nature appears to be a vital source of inspiration for photographers. Their visual statements take us along on a journey through a fantastic world.
ISBN: ISBN/EAN: 978-90-76703-48-0
Publisher: Published by Noorderlicht.