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by Marianne Bjørnmyr
The work Shadows/Echoes was conducted over a two-year period where Marianne travelled around Iceland to research and record a system of believes where the existence of elves and fairies is not seen as marginal.

Through a rather ”naive” attempt to document the existence of the elves the artist collected photographs from the Reykjavik Photography Museum’s archive, testimonies from the National Museum of Iceland and transcribed conversations with clairvoyants, together with her own photographs of places with an assumed elf population. We see multiple clashes intertwined with the interpretation of this material: the presented images are in their own way confronting constructed realities, myths and confessions.

The book is published as a special edition of 75 books, all hand bound by the artist.
ISBN: 978-1-908452-24-5
Publisher: YONA Editions

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