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Destroying Everything ...Seems Like The Only Option
by Ricky Adam
DESTROYING EVERYTHING ...SEEMS LIKE THE ONLY OPTION A raw, undiluted snapshot of underground youth subculture. www.dragolab.com Description Ricky Adam's first book, Destroying Everything .... Seems Like the Only Option is a raw, glaring, unflinching snapshot of youth subculture that Ricky himself has been immersed in for many years. Bringing together aspects of BMX bikes, D.I.Y. Punk and underground youth culture, Destroying Everything is a collection of photographs of people who do their own thing their own way and live life from the heart, no matter what the consequences.

'Destroying Everything' expanded 2nd edition is now available to order. (Through Amazon and a host of good book stores).

Published in Italy by Drago Arts & Communication - Newly designed cover & layout, 16 extra pages of photos, 202 pages, softcover & a new lower price!

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ISBN: 8888493921
Publisher: Drago Arts & Communications www.dragolab.com
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