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Rota Raiz - Route Root
by Pedro David and Rui Cezar dos Santos

During much of my childhood, the north of Minas Gerais meant a mythical place, from where my father returned after long trips, his luggage loaded with tales, adventure stories and unusual gifts. Adding the experiences on the farms of my mother’s uncles, in the interior of Bahia, these were the bases for the creation of my magical childhood world.

As a teenager, I had the opportunity to see my mother blossom into a great scientist who fell in love with pictures created on stones by distant ancestors, and she dedicated her life to preserving them.

When I was finally able to travel in search of those fundamental symbols of my imagination I didn’t find them. Not those who have generated my inquietude and willingness to swallow the road, the dirt road.

I searched for places, people and situations that I could already feel did not exist beyond my imagination.

I walked aimlessly. But on my way there was also something to be kept.

I dedicate this book to my parents, Helena and Alceu, who, in diverse temporal realms emanated from a childhood full of ideas, fantasies and dreams, have gifted me with an infinite collection of latent images.
ISBN: 978-85-87314-37-6
Publisher: Tempo d"imagem