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Paisagem Submersa - Underwater Landscape
by Pedro David - João Castilho - Pedro Motta
Paisagem Submersa narrates the inundation of part of seven municipalities on the northeast of Minas Gerais state in order to produce the Irapé Hydroelectric Power Station’s lake, on the water course of the river Jequitinhonha, as well as the process of demolition of houses and transference of about 1,100 families which were forced to move to other regions. Photographers João Castilho, Pedro David and Pedro Motta worked on this region between 2002 and 2007, each one made 15 trips aprox., always alone, to catch people's emotions, and to be affected too with that sense os displacement they was passing through.
ISBN: 978-85-7503-685-3
Publisher: Cosac Naify
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