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by Lothar Troeller
I visited Medellin only once. So I can’t witness a history of its recent developments. But compared to my first home, Germany, and my second home, New York I am first looking for specific differences, not so much for things they have in common. But looking closer I see so much common ground: the entrepreneur, architect, visionary, intellectual and worker. The pride of the people being successful or struggling with their big or small business intrigues me. Giving up doesn’t seem to be in their mindset. I saw a country on the rise. I am deeply impressed by a country, whose people are poor but not complaining, whose people are proud but not arrogant, and whose people are friendly even if you don’t spend a lot of money on them. Yes, there is crime in Medellin, but there’s also crime in New York, or Frankfurt.
Publisher: Blurb

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