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Bomber, a chance unwinding
by Lewis Koch
BOMBER, A CHANCE UNWINDING bears witness to a remote mountaintop World War II bomber crash site, combining poetry and visual images collaged from archival film footage, maps, in situ color photographs and text. The book offers an elegiac metaphor, as a meditation on war and the associated loss of life and environmental destruction.

Included in book arts shows in Dublin, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Chicago, BOMBER, A CHANCE UNWINDING was selected by curator Barbara Tannenbaum for the foundational exhibition "DIY: Photographers & Books", Cleveland Museum of Art (2012).

A recent review of this book (and other work by Lewis Koch) can be found on George Slade's fine blogsite "re:photographica" at- http://rephotographica-slade.blogspot.com/2013/09/two-books-by-lewis-koch.html
Publisher: Areness Press, Madison, WI, 2011

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