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Fiction in the Age of Photography: The Legacy of British Realism
by Nancy Armstrong
Publisher's Description
The Legacy of British Realism

Nancy Armstrong

Victorians were fascinated with how accurately photography could copy people, the places they inhabited, and the objects surrounding them. Much more important, however, is the way in which Victorian people, places, and things came to resemble photographs. In this provocative study of British realism, Nancy Armstrong explains how fiction entered into a relationship with the new popular art of photography that transformed the world into a picture.

'In this engaging look at Victorian fiction, Armstrong shows how the unprecedented popularity of photography affected and informed the works of major writers ... As much social commentary as literary criticism, the book brings to life a society obsessed with the camera and burdened with what Armstrong calls a 'mass visuality.' An important work.'
-Ellen Sullivan, Library Journal

'Nancy Armstrong, a well-known literary critic, has contributed a major work to the new field of visual studies ... Armstrong's range is broad, her erudition and imagination are impressive, and her command of theory in putting it all together is simply stunning.'
-Michael Holly, author of Past Looking: Historical Imagination and the Rhetoric of the image

is Nancy Duke Lewis Professor of Comparative Literature, English, Modern Culture and Media, and Women's Studies at Brown University. She is the author of Desire and Domestic Fiction and coauthor of The Imaginary Puritan.
ISBN: 0674008014
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Paperback : 352 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 6.3 x 9.3 x 0.9 inches
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