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by Alec Dawson
The most dangerous demons humans ever face are their own fears and disillusions. That is the moment when we find both the best and the worst about us. At times we become so estranged from our own thoughts, feelings and emotions, that finding ourselves uncovered, naked, means we can no longer hide this alienated nature of ours. Within a period of four months, the photographic artist lost his job and separated from my wife. It all happened amidst suffering from a long term depression that he has held. He suddenly felt very vulnerable; fears of both literal and metaphorical homelessness permeated his consciousness like a dense fog. He felt abandoned and at the same time felt his anguish was invisible to others. He was left with the notion that he would not have a warm happy place or future and that he would be relegated to scavenging for survival. This photo collection consists of images of women involved in situations in which - were they to happen in daylight, the women not naked - the scene would be routine. Naked women show the neglect and loneliness we face every day, even when we’re surrounded by people. Alec’s pictures show women living with their demons, in the company of night. (13" x 11" Landscape, 100 pages)
ISBN: 9781320163170
Publisher: Blurb

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