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1992 is the year of the carnage, Palermo is stunned by grief and rage at the bombs that tore away from their families and country institutional figures, magistrates, police officers and civilians. Names that we’re all familiar with, which we’ll never grow tired of remembering. Palermo reacts. One of the various forms of protest against mafia violence is particularly powerful: for a month eleven women occupy Piazza Castelnuovo, alternating in a fast. They meet, recognize each other and decide to do something extreme, giving up food and letting themselves be overcome by hunger to denounce their “hunger for justice”. These portraits by Francesco Francaviglia testify to the strength of these women, their dignity and their beauty. Twenty-two years have elapsed,but nothing of the fibre and courage of those days has been even slightly tarnished by time.They are faces that it is wonderful to see again, eyes that challenge silence and fear. Texts by Letizia Battaglia, Marco Delogu, Daniela Dioguardi, Letizia Ferrugia, Francesco Francaviglia, Francesco Giambrone, Pietro Grasso, Franca Imbergamo, Leoluca Orlando, Antonio Natali, Simona Mafai, Maria Maniscalco, Salvo Palazzolo. Edited by Marco Delogu
ISBN: ISBN 9788898391196
Publisher: POSTCART

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