The Invention of Photography and its Impact on Learning: Photographs from Harvard University and Radcliffe College and from the Collection of Harrison D. Horblit
by Eugenia Janis
Publisher's Description
This catalogue came out of the Harvard University Library's celebration of photography's sesquicentennial, and it is exquisite! Seven essays are accompanied by early photographs--beautifully rendered--presenting different perspectives on the history of photography and its importance in furthering our knowledge of the world. The photographs are from the collections of Harvard University, Radcliffe College, and from the great collector Harrison D. Horblit. Writers include Eugenia Parry Janis, Beaumont Newhall, John D. Stoeckle, Melissa Banta, among others.
ISBN: 0674464354
Publisher: Harvard University Library
Paperback : 112 pages
Language: English
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