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What Is a Photograph?
by Carol Squiers
Organized by ICP Curator Carol Squiers, What Is a Photograph? explores the intense creative experimentation in photography that has occurred since the 1970s. Conceptual art introduced photography into contemporary art making, using the medium in ways that challenged it artistically, intellectually, and technically and broadened the notion of what a photograph could be in art. A new generation of artists began an equally rigorous but more aesthetically adventurous analysis, which probed photography itself—from the role of light, color, composition, to materiality and the subject. What Is a Photograph? brings together these artists, who reinvented photography.

Aritsts featured: Matthew Brandt Marco Breuer Liz Deschenes Adam Fuss Owen Kydd Floris Neusüss Marlo Pascual Sigmar Polke Eileen Quinlan Jon Rafman Gerhard Richter Mariah Robertson Alison Rossiter Lucas Samaras Travess Smalley David Benjamin Sherry Kate Steciw Artie Vierkant James Welling Christopher Williams Letha Wilson

Published on the occasion of the exhibition What Is a Photograph?, curated by Carol Squiers for the International Center of Photography.
ISBN: 9783791353517
Publisher: ICP and DelMonico Books
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