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This is not a map #12 Wallonia
by Clément Huylenbroeck

The Misses live the affordable dream. With their feverish performances and tartar-free smiles, they can almost grasp it. Facing a crowd of excited eyes, they bend their bodies at the behest of an improvised choreagrapher. They surrender their hair, their flesh, their nails and their naivety to a cheap champagne soaked audience poorly dressed up in its Sunday best. The attempt is beautiful; in the time of a pale performance inspired by the National Misses parade, they fantasize, imagine themselves the flagship of elegance. It is carried away by this vision that they curve themselves yet a bit more and make pants swell. At the end of the night, the communal dream turns into a heartbreak, a hurtful disenchantment; the bulging eyes turn away, the mouths hereafter drool for another.

ISBN: 979 10 92398 04 5
Publisher: Poetry Wanted
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