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From Basics to Fine Art - B&W Photography
by Julia Anna Gospodarou & Joel Tjintjelaar
Best selling 424-page book on B&W fine art photography by Julia Anna Gospodarou and Joel Tjintjelaar. With a focus on architectural fine art and long exposure photography, but going far beyond these genres and covering B&W photography in general. Everything about the artistic side, the practical side, the philosophical side but also the business and financial side of photography, plus… the secret to success by Julia and Joel. Our B&W processing methods and workflow, our long exposure methods analyzed in depth, with examples and extensive hands-on explanations, extended analysis of our award-winning images, plus the theoretical base for what we do so you do not only apply a method, but start creating your own B&W (en)Visionography right away. More than 400 pages of knowledge from our extensive experience as fine art photographers and from the long years of studying art, architecture and everything related to image representation. Tens of images from our portfolio, showing our signature style, recent and from the archives, dating back even more than 10 years, explained and analyzed in a simple and clear way.
Publisher: Self-Published

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