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by Holger Martin and Wayne Burrows

Durban, in the Eastern part of the French Corbières, is dominated by the ruins of its 11th century chateau. When exploring Durban's old quarter right below it, the castle’s presence is much less felt and one can immerse oneself in the intimate, medieval lanes running up and down the hill. A maze of small passages and stairways gives access to house after house. Benches offer rest in regular intervals. Early in the morning, the occasional voice comes from an open window. Not many people out but signs of ordinary, everyday life everywhere. Capturing this still summer morning in Durban, with nothing in particular happening, the photographs leave it to be imagined who might live here, who might walk these paths and who might be around the next corner.

This update to the original Durban-Corbières book emerged from a collaboration with Nottingham writer Wayne Burrows, who reflected on the photographs in text.
Publisher: Blurb
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