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Ancient and Modern
by William Eggleston
Publisher's Description
"William Eggleston's images of the South shocked the art world when first exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in 1976. . . . Eggleston is recognized as a pioneer of the `domestic life from within' genre. . . . This collection, which draws on all of his work, offers startling glimpses not only of the South, but of the world outside America."--the publisher. Included are classic Eggleston images of interiors and roadscapes, along with subjects such as a South African orange farm, Egyptian pyramids, and an English garden. Eudora Welty has written of Eggleston's work, ". . . the Eggleston vision of his world is clear, and clarifying to our own."
ISBN: 0679414649
Publisher: Random House
Hardcover : 167 pages
Language: English
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