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American Reclamation, Volume 3
by Stephen Mallon
In the summer of 2010 American Marine Group (AMG) assumed responsibility of sinking the Atlantic Ocean’s largest artificial reef to date. 135 feet deep, and 28.5 nautical miles southeast of Cape May.

563-feet in length, the USS Arthur W.Radford has nobly served her country for over 26 years as a US. Navy Spruance destroyer. Her impressive military background includes 10 deployments ranging from Venezuela, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Senegal, Oman, Bahrain, the Azores, Nova Scotia, Italy and Turkey. Campaigns from Persian Gulf War, peace keeping operations off Lebanese coast, and finally retiring from her latest tour to battle in Operation Enduring Freedom makes her as decorated a hero as any Naval Admiral.

This ship, once home to over 340 sailors at a single time, was given it’s last mission; to retire and become an underwater eco system to house algae, fish, anglers, and other under water life alike. Creating an underwater community not only for fish, but for divers as well. Developing water worlds of this magnitude is no small feat. This sort of thing requires a military de-classification, engineers to plan, public officials to fund, a marine group to; salvage, recycle, disassemble, and sink this behemoth, lastly, an industrial fine-art photographer to ensure that the process is documented.
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