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House of Perception, a Prelude to the Horizon
by Jason Engelund
Artist's Book, limited edition, signed

“House of Perception, a Prelude to the Horizon”, tells a story through a challenging exploration of photography. Through a minimalist narrative, verging on esoteric, and visually intriguing artworks Engelund’s book explores the boundaries of seeing and understanding. An abstraction of photography is the vehicle to take the viewer from the captivating tragedy of the melancholic sublime to the freedom of individual potential.

A wide range of abstract imagery, accompanied by short prose pieces, presents the photographic medium as a metaphor for the mind’s camera eye. Themes of Engelund's ongoing studio investigations unfold through his photos. For instance, Engelund tackles existentialism’s idea of freedom in his photo series “In Camera, No Exit, Just Colors”. It’s a play on words from the english title translation of Sartre’s play “Huis Clos”, the latin “in camera”, behind closed doors, where we get the term “camera” for it’s construction of a lens and black box. The work suggests the limitations of and the subjectivity of perception, and encourages us to take control of our own perceptions as we form our picture of the world. The viewer moves through the story leaving the entrancement of the decayed gothic and begins to understand the alluring potential in the distant horizon.

A sequel “ A Return through the Horizon” is in progress.

Limited edition of 500 84 pages, 34 color photographs, soft cover Photographs created between 2007 - 2014 Signed and numbered by the artist
Publisher: STUDIO 3663

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