Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History
by Susan Meiselas
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Dismantled in the aftermath of World War I, Kurdistan is little more than a lingering memory among millions of living Kurds, against whom are pitted the governments of Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. Susan Meiselas gathers historical documents, maps, charts, and photographs that document the changing fortunes of the Kurdish people in the 20th century; anthropologist Martin Van Bruinessen provides ethnographic commentary on this mountain tribe's way of life. Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History helps bring the memory of Kurdistan and the reality of the present situation to the attention of readers unfamiliar with the region.
Publisher's Description
Susan Meiselas, a brilliant photographer in her own right, has made a tremendous contribution to the study of war, culture, and photography with her books Nicaragua and Chile, yet Kurdistan may be her most impressive project. "Juxtaposing unforgettable images with diary entries, newspaper stories, memoirsm and telegrams, Kurdistan lets history speak for itself through the words of freedom fighters, missionaries, spies, politicians, and princes."--the publisher.
ISBN: 0679423893
Publisher: Random House
Hardcover : 408 pages
Language: English
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