Robert Mapplethorpe

by Robert Mapplethorpe
Publisher's Description
Robert Mapplethorpe's work is generally thought of in terms of his elegant nudes, portraits, and still-lifes, and is often overshadowed by the controversy surrounding his sexual imagery. However, little has been made of his astounding ability as an iconographer, a quality which is central to all of his work. Referring to the symmetry of his photographs and the ways in which they were framed and presented, he once said that he wanted them to be viewed like altars. This book is the full-color companion to the definitive collection of his black-and-white work, Mapplethorpe, published in 1992. Exquisitely printed, it tracks Mapplethorpe's preoccupations with color and geometry, ranging in subject matter from intimate portraits of Patti Smith to sadomasochistic rituals. A handsome and striking volume of work by one of the most important artists of his generation.
ISBN: 067942721X
Publisher: Random House
Hardcover : 139 pages
Language: English
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