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Beyond The Forest
by Loli Kantor
Beyond the Forest is a collection of fine-art black and white and color photographs that document the Jewish presence in contemporary Poland and Ukraine. Kantor, an Israeli-American photographer turned a journey to discover the world of her ancestors, most having perished in the Holocaust, into a broader engagement with the daily life of Jews of Eastern Europe in the early 21st century. Beyond the Forest is a photographic monograph, hardcover, 10.5.x 10 in, 185 pages with ninety eight illustrations ( 60 color and 38 black and white). Introduction by art historian and curator Anda Rottenberg ( Warsaw, Poland), illustrated essay by Loli Kantor, and Afterword by Jewish-American novelist Joseph Skibell.
ISBN: 978-0-292-76129-2
Publisher: University of Texas Press
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