John Berger

Photocopies: Stories
by John Berger
Publisher's Description
John Berger's observations on the layers of meaning within the representation of a photograph provide an unequalled richness in his fictional writings. His writings reveal lives and experiences as moments and visions--like the eyes of a photographer--within the lives of travellers, artists, and prisoners. Review
As well known for his art criticism as his novels, which include Pig Earth and To the Wedding, John Berger brings a visual acumen to his prose. And as a Marxist living among French peasantry, his politics inform his writing as well. The three--visual art, Marxist politics, poetic fiction--combine in these stories, or rather "memory visions," in a most effective way. The resulting alloy is larger than the elements, a beautiful and lyrical collection of narrative strands, frugal and melancholoy in tone.
ISBN: 0679435255
Publisher: Pantheon
Hardcover : 180 pages
Language: English
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