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SHUT DOWN - Industria Ruins in the East
by Christoph Lingg (Photos) + Susanne Schaber, Richard Swartz and Serhij Zhadan (Text)
SHUT DOWN - Industrial Ruins in the East

In few other places are becoming, being and passing more dramatically expressed than in shut-down factories, mines and foundries. In a total of fourteen countries Christoph Lingg tracked down numerous industrial ruins: buildings from the textile, chemical, oil and heavy industries; processing plants for sugar and fish; brickyards and breweries – witnesses of times past that have been left to decay. In these photographs he has captured the melancholy of a bygone era. The pictures reflect not only economic developments and the way people related to work and the environment, but also the identity of entire countries and regions. Three authors have approached this subject in completely different ways, guiding the reader through the industrial culture of the east: Susanne Schaber, Richard Swartz and Serhij Zhadan.
ISBN: 978-3950245004
Publisher: Edition Aufbruch, Vienna, Austria

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